Freelance Journalist

I'm journalist based at London Hackspace I have an personal interest in computer science and enjoy the chance to working away from home. I'm looking for new opportunities and commissions.

  • London College of Communication (University of the Arts London) Alumni
  • Personally interested in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics
  • Socially fascinated by Art, Politics and Human Behavioural Profiling
  • Exploring public speaking through poetry readings at Queer and Established venues
  • Published and exhibited globally
  • Strong focus on simplicity, clarity and design

I enjoy Art and Design by creating raw-data meta-data and designing vector graphics. I pursue a practice of creative writing, mostly abstract poetry. I have a BA/Hons in Photography. I've been teaching myself concepts of IT security and basic programming. I have a worst case scenario pattern of thinking perhaps perfect for analysing security attack vectors. I studied slight of hand card tricks and coin magic as a child. I practice solo martial arts and am trying to learn juggling.

Notes about security